We provide Hawaii renter screening services to rental property owners, managers and real estate agents throughout the state including Honolulu Pearl City Hilo Kailua Waipahu Kaneohe Mililani Town Kahului ‘Ewa Gentry Kīhei.

Hawaii Rental Credit Check

We’ve always advised against using consumer purchased credit reports provided by renters to make a decision. Any report (obtained from a person) that is not provided by an independent tenant screening company has the potential to be incomplete, unreliable or even fraudulent. Aside from the obvious reasons, you want to stay clear of credit scores accompanying a consumer purchased report, because most are not based upon the Fair Issac (FICO) credit score algorithm. So a 656 consumer-obtained score could possibly equate to a 599 FICO (yes, even when the credit bureau’s name is on it).

Hawaii Criminal and Eviction Records

Criminal records and evictions are retrieved from county clerks of the courts such as Hawaiʻi Honolulu Kalawao Kauaʻi Maui.

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