Rental Credit Checks

Our Service Includes the Following Delivered 24/7:

Professionals may apply for unrestricted reports with online access 24/7. See below to learn more.*


Credit Check Sample

  • Rental Credit Report Evaluation
  • Collection Activity for Bills, Utilities and Loans
  • Know if Accounts are Late or Current
  • Social Security Number Verification Against Reported SSN
  • Public Records Highlights (Bankruptcy Filing, State & Federal Tax Liens and Civil Judgments)
  • Payment History Highlights (Revolving, Installment and Mortgage Accounts)
  • Credit Scoring Range and Risk Assessment Grading
  • Credit Card/Loan Names and Account Numbers are Restricted

We charge you – YOU then charge your renter an application fee.

Before accepting an application, charge an application fee. You decide on how much: $28, $35, $50. After you collect the payment from the renter, place your order for a rental credit check and your account will be conveniently charged either $26.95 (most landlords) or 9.95 per applicant (for professionals operating out of a office that are granted unrestricted real time access to full credit reports). Most landlords qualify for a standard account. If you operate out of a commercial location as a property manager or real estate agent, please call us for more information. We offer easy billing, friendly service and fast results.


*If you operate from an office and need to order rental credit checks regularly, you can receive unrestricted reports with all of the coding, account numbers and inquiries for only $9.95 each. Print our Professional Account Registration Packet. The credit bureaus require an inspection of your premises to corroborate the nature of your business – it’s a one-time cost of $75. This is performed by an approved independent agent which will meet with you for about 15 minutes to see photo identification, ask a few questions and take some photographs of your office to document its existence.


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